home constipation remedies

Home Remedies for Constipation

Constipation can be defined as a common digestive system trouble, that is characterized by one having a frequent bowel movement or one experiencing difficulties in passing hard stool. But it is important to know from the onset that constipation is not an illness but it is just a mere sign. In simple terms, it is a word that is used to refer to the difficulty of one going to the toilet, or opening of the bowels. For those who have experienced it before, they can testify that it is not a good feeling. It at times can be linked with one experiencing severe headache and exhaustion. At one time or the other one must have suffered from constipation but worry not as the cure for constipation may be close to your kitchen, when it strikes, try the following home remedies as they can give you a quick relief.

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Sesame seeds

Sesame seedsThis is one home remedy that has been found to work effectively in dealing with constipation. The oily composition that sesame seed has, work best by moisturizing the intestines, as this will help in getting out the dry stool and relief the pains that are brought about by constipation. To achieve the perfect remedy, it is advisable that you add the seeds to the cereals or salad to achieve a crunchy feel. Alternatively, you can pulverize them in coffee and sprinkle the seeds on the food that you consume like seasoning.


If you have been experiencing constipation throughout the day, it is advisable that you take a teaspoonful of blackstrap molasses as this will help you ease your constipation by the following morning. Due to the process that it undergoes during its manufacture, the boiling and the three times concentration enables it to have essential nutrients like vitamins, magnesium, vitamins and other nutrients. These components, especially magnesium, are very important as they will help you achieve relief from constipation.


This one deals with constipation in a very simple way; it acts as a pipe cleaner, it does this by scrubbing any food or waste particles from your entire digestive tract, while it soaks up the excess water that causes the discomfort. Additionally, the fiber gives bulk to your stool thus giving your intestinal muscles where to grab. To ensure that you never experience any constipation, it is advisable that you aim to consume 20-30 grams of fiber per day.

Some of the foods that are known to have a high fiber content include beans, oatmeal, barley, vegetables plus fresh and dried fruits. But in the event that you have been taking foods that have a high fiber content and you still experience constipation, it is advisable that you drink more water so that you can soften your stool.

Mint or ginger tea

Ginger and mint have been proven to be an effective home treatment for some digestive problems. Since peppermint has mental as a component which has antispasmodic effects that usually relax once muscles. Thus it will relax the muscles of your digestive tract ensuring that you are relieved from your constipation problems. Some other home remedies that you can consume to relief you from constipation include, taking healthy fats, lemon water, coffee, or even raisins.