Nonprofit Marketing Campaigns


To maintain a nonprofit’s or social media campaign is an excellent way to reach their targeted audience. But how do you go about this? Should you consider using social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter to advertise your nonprofit?

Benefits of Using Social Media

There are several benefits to be had with social media for nonprofits and social media for businesses.

The biggest benefit of all comes from the social networking sites increasing in popularity, which in turn has an affect on sales.

Organizations using social media can reach out to their customer base in a variety of ways. They can post ads on sites like Facebook, or by sending out targeted newsletters and emails to organizations, individuals and potential customers.

Avoid Spamming Your Followers

When using social media for your nonprofit, you should know what you are doing. You don’t want to start a social media campaign and then lose it with one single careless post.

Don’t use the same tactics that are used by others and don’t spam your followers. Your followers may not agree with you, which will have an impact on your reputation.

Your nonprofit will also be better off if you don’t make friends and associates to friends with people who will get in the way of your business. You don’t want to make others your enemies.

It’s also important to continue to be able to identify new people who can potentially become donors or members. This will allow you to continue reaching out to people that will make a difference in your community.

You should also use some of the time to build your website and blog. By placing ads and providing information you can establish your presence.

Remember, even though your web presence isn’t directly visible to the public, you can still use the Internet to increase your visibility. Whether it is through your online newsletter, articles or your membership website, you can make your presence known through other sites.

  • Other ways to maintain your online presence include posting links to your e-zine, newsletters and other web-based material.
  • You want to create a good reputation for your nonprofit.
  • You also want to be sure that you are using social media for your nonprofit in the correct way.
  • Don’t keep using it as if it is the only form of communication.

Instead you want to see the positive effect this kind of marketing can have on your nonprofit. Your nonprofit will gain a better understanding of your needs, your mission and what the best ways are to communicate these.