Ten Things You Should Know About Managed WiFi.


Managed WiFi is basically a business solution that enables an enterprise to outsource such tasks as securing, designing, securing, installing, maintaining, updating and/or configuring a WiFi network to its preferred vendors. The term is also used when it refers to an unmanaged wireless LAN or VPN. It is a cost-effective option for companies looking for an economical option and offering Wi-Fi for employees. Managed WiFi service providers offer complete resources to ensure a superior customer experience, by designing and deploying enterprise-class solutions. These services can be tailored to meet specific requirements of different clients.

There are numerous benefits for businesses seeking to benefit from managed Wi-Fi networks.

One major benefit is that there is complete control over the configuration and services of the wifi network as the service providers have direct access to the manufacturers of the wifi devices used in the establishment. This ensures that the configuration is strictly adhered to maintain high quality performance and flawless connectivity. Also, these service providers to provide technical support and services that enable fast recovery and installation of broken links.

The managed wifi services are also helpful in managing multiple access points for multiple wireless devices. A single central database and billing system to facilitate the easy tracking and administering of the various usage and charges of every business client. Every business has different access points or routers and these are classified as ‘managed’ or ‘unmanaged’. With the database of each client, all the charges for each device are easily determined and can be changed as per requirement.

These services help to save valuable money that would otherwise be spent on maintaining a large network of wireless devices and providing wireless connectivity for employees as well as customers. The managed wifi service providers are proficient at handling all the technical requirements and hardware. They maintain regular backups of the data so that any disaster can be easily handled without affecting the daily operations. In addition, a data backup program can be easily customized for each business client so that all the data can be stored in a single database. Another important aspect of managed wifi services is that they offer training to the staff of the organization, so that they can also learn how to handle the various devices used in a company. A single management system facilitates automatic billing and the management of user permissions.

Anytime a client’s connection is not working, the managed wifi system has the expertise to troubleshoot the problem, diagnose it and then fix the problem completely so that it does not happen again. Since the entire process is automated, the staff members are not required to do anything manually. They just have to sit in front of their computer and do nothing else. A successful managed wifi system makes the entire work place very comfortable and in control.

Managed Wi-Fi solutions come with the latest technology to enable secure wireless connectivity between computers and peripherals. This eliminates all the risks posed by weak devices and the network itself. An example of such devices is the wireless printer devices. If you have an office where multiple employees work on printing papers, you will definitely need some high quality printers, in order to meet all their printing requirements.

However, if your printer is down, you cannot perform the necessary printing tasks. It might even put your business into jeopardy because you cannot deliver your official documents on time. To prevent this from happening, you must install some high quality managed wifi solutions in your office. These are devices that will act as the bridge between your computer and the printer so that you can connect to the internet without any problems.

So, what are the benefits of opting for a managed Wi-Fi solution?

  • There are numerous ones, actually. For one, it eliminates the entire guesswork that is involved when it comes to choosing the best devices to connect with your computers.
  • You simply have to follow a single set of instructions from the provider and then, you will get connected.
  • Moreover, managed wifi service providers will also offer you some in-depth information about the hardware that they use so that you can determine how to improve the performance of your device or simply upgrade to a newer model.